Uh-oh!  You've uploaded a CSV with your special, hand-crafted list of My Locations, but when you go to view them on the map, they're nowhere to be found!

If you're trying to upload North American coordinates, they might be in central Europe; the most likely culprit is Google.

For example, if you type "latitude longitude Mineola, NY" into Google, the big box at the top of the results announces "40.7493° N, 73.6407° W" as the coordinates. 

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You probably copied "40.7493" into the latitude column of your CSV and "73.6407" into the longitude column, and forgot that the "W" means you need to add a "-".

Next time, you can try using latlong.net, which gives you the correct format to directly input into the CSV, without having to remember the "-".

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