Now that you've created your Pulse Account, here's how you can add your teammates to your Organization so that they can explore Pulse too:

  • Log into Pulse.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Navigate to Preferences.
Here, you can select which Notification emails you would like to receive, as well as how frequently you would like Anomaly Detection emails to be sent.

You can select as many Notifications as you'd like; your options are:

  • Daily Traffic & Segments Updates
  • Weekly Traffic & Segments Summary
  • Monthly Traffic & Segments Summary
  • Quarterly Traffic & Segments Summary
  • Yearly Traffic & Segments Summary
Your options for Anomaly Detection emails are:

  • Real-Time (Enterprise plan or higher)
  • Hourly (Enterprise plan or higher)
  • Once every 4 hours
  • Once every 8 hours
  • Daily
  • None